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Things That Can Go Wrong « SeeCalifornia.com  September 25, 2013 – 04:15 pm

California Beach Bummer Summer: Things That Can Go Wrong

Published on: April 29, 2013


Summer’s coming and millions of visitors and tourists to California’s luxury resorts, mountains and coastal beaches are getting ready. From the latest fish pedicure (not really legal in California but you can get them in other places along the Pacific Rim) to bikini waxes, Brazilian waxes, haircuts, salon tanning, body piercing to acupuncture, most the time things go just as planned, but dangers lurk in each and every treatment. That’s life! Trouble is, it can ruin your vacation plans and in rare instance, can even ruin your life. So here’s the dirty low-down on what can go wrong:

Skin infections are the main problem from lack of sterile equipment. Fish pedicures in which the fish eat dead skin on your feet are extremely popular in Asian culture and countries, while the U.S. doesn’t think they’re sanitary enough. Just last month an Arizona spa was told they can no longer offer fish pedicures. Regular pedicures can cause infections when salons have failed to thoroughly clean equipment.

Infection from a bikini wax can cause a fever, chills, pain and cellulitis, a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection of the skin and the underlying tissue. Waxing can also pull off tiny pieces of the skin’s outermost layer, creating a portal through which bacteria can enter the body.

After acupuncture, you might have soreness, minor bleeding or bruising at the needle sites. In rare instances, organ injury can occur if needles are pushed in too deeply, puncturing an internal organ — particularly the lungs. This is an extremely rare complication in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Infections from reused needle could expose you to diseases such as hepatitis. The most common problem is needles being left in the patient for longer than prescribed, leading to dizziness and fainting. Some customers have found needles left in their bodies after leaving the practioner’s office.

Source: www.seecalifornia.com

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This person says the fish will eat live skin too

This person writes something on Yelp also about the pictures that people have posted. He says that they use the wrong fish. They eat live skin also.
"First, I have never been here. But, I came across this review when I was looking for spas in California that offered fish pedicures. I am not an ichthyologist, but I am almost certain that the fish used in this spa, as pictured...The garra rufa are toothless fish that suck the dead skin from you. They keep feeding even after they are full and they do not eat any live skin. The chin chin have teeth when they are older and they do not distinguish between live and dead skin, they stop eating when they are full, and they can create micro cuts in your skin. These are wide bodied fish that are much larger than the garra rufa."

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